Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the fae on syfy

The oldest and I watched a new series on Syfy yesterday. "Lost Girl" is about a young woman named Bo who is a succubus. Yep. She sucks souls/energy out of folks and leaves them dead, but with a big old grin on their faces.

Of course, in the first episode, Bo doesn't know exactly what she is. But things become clear pretty fast when the leaders of the Light and Dark Fae kidnap her. See, you can't be wondering around Toronto (this is a Canadian show and that is where they shoot all Canadian shows, right?) without being on one team or the other. Having a freelancing Fae just isn't allowed.

Provide Bo with a cute, scrappy human girl sidekick, a possible Fae love interest who is also a cop and some kick-butt black leather clothes and you've got a show.

The oldest and I loved it! Not great writing, not great acting, but great fun. I wondered when the TV writers would tap into the Fae for story fodder and base an entire show around them. Didn't take too long.

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