Thursday, January 5, 2012

are you still going to check out books?

I was asked that question yesterday by our library director after I told her about my new Nook Tablet. I rolled my eyes, she laughed, and said,  "Of course I will still check out books."

Now, just how many books I will be checking out versus their ebook counterparts remains to be seen. Right now the library, along with the other four libraries in their consortium, has a minuscule ebook budget.  I'm talking roughly $10,000 a year per facility. Peanuts. Everyone puts the money into one pot and we have access to each other's titles.

Personally, one of the first things I want to look at on the library board is the big budget. Just how much are we spending on DVDs? How much on audiobooks? Those items are pricey too, and yes they do create revenue, but they are on the way out. Perhaps it is time to reallocate some money.

When I logged into our account on Overdrive yesterday, only 45 titles were available for check out. I found two books I've wanted to read and checked them out. I also placed a hold on two more books. I'm in the queue as 20 on one title and 10 on another.

I have selected a variety of free books on the B&N website. I've looked at the titles on Gutenberg. I've purchased a few lower priced titles.

But, my main source of fodder for my Nook will be the Library's ebook collection. Bolstering that collection is my new mission in life.

All the other ebook readers in my town can thank me later.  Ha ha ha!

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