Tuesday, May 5, 2009

is it the sun?

After three days of gray and often wet skies, I think that is the sun trying to break through the clouds outside. Nothing like a sunny day to brighten your disposition.

I'm off to the library today to sort through a very large and supposedly very old donation of books. If I'm not done in by that activity, I need to make a Costco run as the pantry is low on those huge bulk items we seem to go through.

I finished the Jim Butcher book yesterday and am now in the process of finishing the Linda Howard book I borrowed from one of the Library Friends. I will need some new reading materials soon.

The new Charlaine Harris book will be out and the new Laurell K. Hamilton book debuts soon also. Looks like a trip to B&N is on my 'to do list' in the near future.

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