Thursday, May 14, 2009

cross that one off the list

When faced with a lot of random things to do and a short amount of time in which to do them, I usually make a list. I love crossing things off 'to do' lists and with the impending arrival of family, the imminent departure of the oldest to the state soccer tourney and the upcoming Confirmation of the middle kid, my lists have been long and plentiful.

I never bought into that whole Franklin Covey dayplanner thing. Why bother? I just use scrap paper. I don't have a fancy enough phone gadget to have a reminder system or list application. Backs of envelopes work just as well for me.

On today's list....head to the library to work on the donations piles. Get that book they have on hold for me. Head home and finish cleaning the house and that means even tackling the youngest kid's room upstairs. Laundry. Cooking. Two soccer practices, of course at the same time at different fields.

I think that is it for problemo, can't wait to start crossing things off!


Elizabeth said...

My system isn't working so well, I am feeling anxious about all the 'to do's'.
I think I'll switch to the back of the envelope technique and see how it works for me :)

Kim Smith said...

Hey lovey, there is an award for you on my blog. Enjoy!