Friday, May 15, 2009


I received this lovely award/gift from my dear buddy, Kim Smith. Kim is a lesson in perseverance. This girl has written through blocks, slumps and rejections and now will reap the benefits of that positive attitude when her first book, already published as an e-book, goes to print. I can't wait to hold "Avenging Angel, A Shannon Wallace Mystery" in my hands.
I'm so proud of her and all she has done with her writing over the past 6 years that we've been friends.
Busy, busy, busy day today. But, I know I can get it all done. Armed with my trusty back of the envelope to do list, I will head out the door in an hour to take on the challenge.
Keep a good thought in your head for my oldest and her team as they travel to the state tournament. Two games tomorrow and then one on Sunday depending on how they do.
Happy Friday.

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Anne's BLOG said...

What a lovely gift/award! Certainly well-deserved.
Looks like the early morning Storm might move on through so you'll have a good day for all your activities! Hope so, anyway.