Monday, May 4, 2009


After two days of nearly non stop rain, my yard resembles a large and very green sponge. We did manage to sneak out to the fair between showers on Saturday. The crowds were sparse, but the vendors who had stayed were still in good spirits.

Beyond that, we celebrated the middle kid's b-day yesterday. The cake turned out well as did her choice of dinner entrees, shrimp and pasta.

The book of choice for the weekend was the first Dresden Files novel by Jim Butcher. "Storm Front" has been a good read and I will search out more of Harry Dresden's adventures. I never got hooked on the short lived TV show based on these books, but I can see why they'd try and bring these characters to the small screen. Pretty good stuff and a strong male protagonist.

Hope the rain moves on east and the sun begins to shine, now that would be a good start to the week!

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