Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a little goes a long way

The oldest has been working with a group of four other kids on a video for her honors English class. They've been meeting here at our house and over the course of several days, they've put together a collection of taped bits that the hubby is now in charge of making all pretty and shiny.

First, I hate group projects. Call me anti-social, not a team player, whatever you want, but I hate them. The bigger the group the more I hate them. It is always a fiasco to get all of those schedules coordinated and the drama that results from having 5 teenagers do anything together is just....well, a little goes a long way.

Second, most of these group project always seem to involve some sort of technology that is a mystery to me, and I really don't consider myself a technological idiot. Editing video camera film, really? Most likely it is a good skill to have, but for an English class?

Now, granted, this video presentation was one option given to the students. The other option was to write a short research paper. Of course, that choice was about as appealing to them as doing doggy-doo patrol after it has rained.

I went to sleep and the kid and the hubby were up working away on his computer. When I woke at 4:30, the hubby was crashed out on the couch. Poor guy, hope he gets an "A" for all his hard work!

Speaking of video, one of my fave urban fantasy authors, Lilith Saintcrow, has her first YA book hitting the store shelves soon. Her publisher did a book trailer, quite the latest thing in promotion, and it received an enthusiastic viewing from the same kid I just wrote about. Guess we will be off to the bookstore soon to procure our own copy of "Strange Angels"....what is not to love about a zombie killing teenage girl who hangs out with werewolves, half-vamps etc?? Check out the video, the music impressed the kid right away:)

Pardon the rant, I'm off to have my second cup of coffee and improve my general disposition!


Elizabeth said...

Yikes, that is what i have to look forward to and I can't even figure out text messaging?!?!? Good Lord, we are so old, we're gonna need to take classes to help our kids with projects, LOL! Enjoy your next cuppa Ü

Anne's BLOG said...

Group projects are for the birds! And I doubt that even 'birds' could do one well. The groups usually end up with one member doing most of the work, or her dad-in this case- for which they All get credit. UGH. The group members may think they're having fun doing the project together, but a leader usually rises to the challenge and everyone gets the grade. Oh well, the school year is almost finished....So on to the next challenge!