Monday, May 11, 2009


We got the middle kid her own phone for her birthday. The child has lightning fast fingers and can text message quicker than anyone I've ever seen. She is in constant contact with her group of friends and the things they can do via texting is really amazing...all due to those quick fingers. I think she is addicted and I need to find her a 12 step program.

Along with the rest of the population it seems. I noticed when I was in the grocery store on Saturday, something I try and avoid like the plague, but I needed to pick up some frozen pizzas for dinner, everyone was on a cell phone or texting. Really. Every aisle I went down, someone was having a conversation via a variety of small electronic devices with another someone who wasn't there.

A whole lot of people talking to themselves, or so it would appear at first glance. Sort of like a mental ward....hmmmmm.

The thought flashed through my head, are folks not really present anymore? I mean, if you are busy talking or texting to someone who is not present with you, are you really 'in the moment' or are you just going through the motions?

How can you focus on what is around you if you are carrying on such important conversations with people scattered across the world?

Too much odd thinking for this morning, I need some coffee. Happy Monday!


Elizabeth said...

I am so with you on that! Let's turn off all those devices!

Anne's BLOG said...

They're not just in the grocery stores...they're everywhere,people talking to the air. I have the same reaction- "Huh?" when I hear talking and there's no one there.