Thursday, May 7, 2009

the numbers game

Numbers and statistics are interesting beasties. That old saying 'numbers don't lie' isn't always true. Numbers can lie and be used to deceive, prove a point and win an argument.

I don't like numbers. Never have....and never will. This fact just doesn't quite explain why I worked in banking for so many years. By the time I graced a desk inside a branch bank, the numbers weren't as important as the ability to talk.

Lots of numbers tossed around in our meeting yesterday, lots of percentages and figures. They sound good. They appeal to what folks consider 'reason.' However, context is needed to understand exactly what the numbers represent. That is the sticky point and the context wasn't always provided or the question wasn't asked to encourage the presenter to provide enough information so the number's true value could be understood.

Off the soapbox now and on to my latest read. I drove over to B&N yesterday to buy the latest Charlaine Harris book, "Dead and Gone." I managed to read about half last night and I've been reading more this morning. I swear these books are like a box of Oreo cookies. You can't just eat a serving size, you need to eat a whole row. One complaint I read in an online review was the fact that Harris has so many characters in this book that it is cumbersome to read. So far, I disagree. Yes, over the course of 9 books, you are going to have a lot of characters if you develop complex and layered plots that center around a small town. Hasn't bothered me one bit, but then I'm most definitely a biased reader and a huge Sookie fan.

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Elizabeth said...

Okay, you sucked me in,
I requested the first book
at the library (charlaine harris).
I can't put down this book
Handle with Care
It is heart wrenching,
I'll look forward to something light!