Thursday, October 30, 2008

bookstore news

I spent yesterday organizing my bookstore stuff. I cleaned out my binder, printed off some missing reports and tallied numbers. The store is officially over a year old now. Our anniversary was the week we closed for our big fall sale, but we are having our celebration this week. Cookies for customers begins today and repeats on Saturday.

Some of the numbers I tallied were amazing, even though I knew we were darn close to hitting the mark. Yep, the store raised $35,011.25 in our first year. That is gross sales...but even adjusted for the taxes we had to pay and the few supplies we had to purchase, it is a HUGE number. Our set up costs were under $12,000. We sold a lot of used reading and listening materials.

Our profits are rolled back to the library to buy everything from books to programming for them. What an amazing first year in business.

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