Thursday, October 23, 2008

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My three hour adventure at the polls was a lesson in personality. A string of candidates lined the side of the drive. After voters parked their cars, the only way down to the sidewalk was past this gauntlet. My candidate was with me the whole time, which made my job easier as I just had to say good morning/afternoon, ask them to support my candidate and then thank folks for voting as they left. How the voters responded which was so interesting. Some smiled and made eye contact. Others acted like you were invisible. Some even gave the whatever 'hand'! Most were gracious, took the literature and moved along. Civility reigned among the various candidates on hand.

Today is book sort day at the library. The store will also need stocking. Then I am headed east over to the hubby's office. We are going to AAA to get our internat'l driver's permits and do lunch.

Tonight, if the rain holds off, middle kid has a soccer game. Youngest kid has his school open house. I think the oldest has the night off!

I've been able to do three of the writing exercises now...pretty neat how a prompt can stick a whole scene in my wee noggin.

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