Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't have a problem throwing out or recycling old books. Some folks, however, will keep a book even if the pages are yellow with age, the spine has lost its glue and mold is growing on the cover. In our Friends group you either fall into my camp or you fall into the 'keep it all' camp. Makes for interesting days at the library when we sort donations.

I spent yesterday working on sorting guidelines after I composed a press release for the store's first anniversary.

Even though I checked out some new books, I had to finish the Aurora Teagarden book I started. I just thoroughly enjoy Charlaine Harris' writing and these cozy mysteries are such a treat.

Today I need to finish cleaning. My mother in law flies in this afternoon. I need to pack for the weekend's soccer tournament. I need to grocery shop for a few things so the hubby and the kids who are staying home can eat while I'm gone.

Enjoy the weekend.

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