Tuesday, October 14, 2008

okay, you can stop now

Whatever little black cloud has decided to settle over my family and send down nastiness...to you I say 'shoo....you can stop now.'

My mom is back in the hospital. She is having complications from the swelling around the break site. Not good, not good at all.

My aunt, the RN, has been to see my Grandma and although the antibiotics are helping her rally, her congestive heart failure is bad and the stroke they saw on the MRI may be an older one. So, for now, she is awake and able to eat, but the CHF is a major concern.

So, yesterday was a mixed bag. Cautious news on Grandma and bad news on my mom.

On other fronts, I managed to read a bit of Mary Janice Davidson's latest. Interesting developments in that story arc. The cover of this books is substantially different than the rest of the series. This is to reflect a different direction for this new book and the next two. She is doing a trilogy within the series. Pretty nifty idea.....

After I finish this one, I'll start Michelle Moran's latest book. Then after those are returned to the library, I will need to check out a YA series that I asked to be ordered. It is a series aimed towards boys, something that is difficult to find. They are set during Viking times and are chock full of action, tension and a bit of history. More on those to come....

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