Thursday, October 9, 2008

all the news that is fit to print

First off, my mom is doing better. Yeah. Doesn't look like they need or want me to come and help. For now, the two of them are tackling this injury in good form.

My family tree maker software arrived while we were gone last weekend and I spent the last two days learning how to use it and have started to input the information I had discovered last spring. Looks like I will get the Christmas presents done after all.

Still no writing, but I was in the library yesterday to drop off kids for the teen board and discovered they'd just set out a new shipment of books. Wahoooo. I found Michelle Moran's "The Heretic Queen" and Mary J. Davidson's "Undead and Uneasy." Add those two titles to the bedside stack, but I better read fast, they are only 14 day checkouts.

No writing or editing and for now, that is just fine. I do have to knock out a press release for the Friends and the bookstore. The store is one year old this week and we are celebrating our accomplishments.

Seems the rain has moved out and sunny skies are in the forecast, in more ways than one.

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Kim Smith said...

if what i am reading is true-quirky paranormals is the new "in" subgenre. you need to slap maddie in shape.