Friday, October 24, 2008

weekend dead ahead

Took the youngest offspring to his school open house last night. We ended up having to park down the street and hike through the woods, umbrella overhead, with puddles all around. It rained all day yesterday. So, yet another Thursday's soccer game was canceled. Back to the open house....they always have a book fair at these events and I always let the kids buy books. Scholastic sells them for less than I can get them at B&N, even with my discount. The kid came home with two titles, one being the City of Ember. He wants to read the book because he said the book is always better than the movie and he liked the movie.

Another odd ball week. I didn't work on my genealogy like I needed to. Next week will be some marathon sessions with my family tree maker program. I did manage to do three 10 minute writing prompts. I had lunch with the hubby and we acquired our international driving permits for our trip to Europe this Christmas. One of the oldest kid's friends asked her if we were rich...she said no, my mom and dad have been saving a long time for this trip. Darn tootin'....I think saving up for something special has become a distant memory for too many folks.

I'm almost finished with the third Strongbow book and when I'm done look for a commentary on YA books for boys. They are a rare breed. So much YA chick-lit stuff, not so much boy driven stuff.

Speaking of books, next time you are in a bookstore look for a book from an author you've never heard of before....the midlist writer is suffering in the publishing world and readers need to spread the wealth, to borrow a popular comment, and read books from folks who may not have the big display, the huge adverts or a blurb from a famous author on their cover. Nora, John, James etc have made their millions and then some....look for some fresh talent. It is out there and I guarantee, you will fall in love with a new voice!

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Kim Smith said...

amen! we just have to support our mid list authors. publishing is getting harder and harder to break into... and once there, harder and harder to stay there. So go out and buy a book!