Tuesday, July 22, 2008

stop in the name of pants

Louise Rennison channels teen girls like nobodies business. Doesn't matter the girls are from across the pond, some things just 'are.' Oldest kid and I knew the latest book from Louise Rennison was due out this month. I stumbled across said book while surfing the new YA offerings on the B&N website. Needless to say, middle kid and I made a quick trip to the bookstore and purchased the latest Georgia Nicholson adventure, "Stop in the Name of Pants."

I talked with the oldest kid after she got on the bus to head home from Ohio. When I informed her I had the coveted book here at home, she issued strict orders to finish the book before she arrived. Her plan upon getting home is to shower, crawl into bed and read about Gee and the ace gang's latest adventures in the land of luuurve...

Now, to back track a bit, I fully credit Louise Rennison and her books for turning my oldest from a reluctant reader to an avid reader. She can do no wrong in my eyes. What years of badgering from me didn't accomplish, Rennison delivered in her first Georgia book.

"Pants" isn't the best of the series, but it is solid. It delivers what the reader wants. Georgia's crazy teen world is served up with plenty of thwarted romance, jammie dodgers, dithering spazzes and such. Yep, these books are pure fluff...and I love them.

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