Friday, July 18, 2008

freaky friday

I'm not even going to try and attempt the weekly recap today. I just don't remember what I did Monday-Thursday except juggle all the bits and pieces of my life. Let's just say it was busy and leave it at that.

Today I'm off to shop with the middle kid and possibly one of her friends. We will do lunch as well. Tomorrow she has soccer practice in the morning and after that, well, the house does need to be cleaned. We have a canine guest with us this week and while he is a delightful dog, between him and our mutt, the hair balls are taking over.

Sunday will bring church, a quick stop at the donut shop and I think a trip to the movies. We had debated on seeing Wanted, but now that The Dark Knight is out, I don't think we can resist seeing Heath Ledger as the Joker. Christian Bale isn't rough on the eyes either. We've already bought candy to smuggle in the theater!

I finished two Lee Child books this week. Both "Running Blind" and "Without Fail" were excellent. I just love Jack Reacher. The plan is to return them to the bookstore and see if I can find any others. Right now I'm reading a debut novel from a British author. "Brethren" was written by Robyn Young and is about the Knights Templar. She juxtaposes a young knight's story with that of a Muslim far so good.

On a totally decadent front, the middle kid and I watched a marathon session of Project Runway this week. It was a rerun of season 4. How totally fun is that show?! Loved it. Quirky personalities, people with some serious talent, fabu clothes and cool looking hair styles. I think I've found my new guilty pleasure.

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Kim Smith said...

Kidlet and I are planning a marathon of Harry P stuff... I am way behind in my reading, and as I have had a sinusy allergy thing going on, have done little more than sleep.

Photography is booming though. Have you seen my pages?