Thursday, July 31, 2008

some reading habits are hard to break

I've always been a book series fan. From Little House on the Prairie to The Chronicles of Narnia, give me a series of books and I'm totally happy.

However, a downside exists to the beloved series addiction. Some series go on a few books too many. I started to experience that feeling as I finished Laurell Hamilton's latest Anita Blake novel, "Blood Noir." When I first discovered this series I jumped for joy right there in the library.

Now I read the books because, well, because I've read all the other ones. I feel obligated to read them even though the joy is gone. The stories are buried under so much personal/character internal motivation examination (I'm at a loss for words here) that the conflict is out of balance. For me, the stories lost their appeal when the sex life of Anita took precedence over her life as a federal marshal solving crimes. But, I kept reading. I'm glad I didn't purchase the last two books and borrowed them instead.

Jean Claude makes cameo appearances in this book. I'm sick of Richard and his issues. I'm pretty tired of the revolving bedroom door theme. I'm intrigued by Marmee Noir and wish she would take front and center, but that story line is being smothered by all the men in Anita's life and bed.

It isn't that the writing is bad. The last couple of books do contain some interesting and fun to read plot lines. I just wish the action and mystery element in the earlier books would find their way home again.


Just a guy said...

It's the difference between a real definitive story ARC, and the series where the hero can never die (Bond, Borne, Reacher, etc.)

I love a promising ARC. I loathe a never ending, wallet-milking series.

Love or hate the Potter, JK promised seven books. She delivered seven books. The tension of characters in real danger of death made it work.

Same for Sopranos.

But when you get the X-files and the Losts which PROMISE the arc, but wimp out on delivering....

Gr-r-r-r-r! Makes me mad.

Liz said...

Hey, no picking on Reacher....perhaps I haven't read enough of Lee Child's stories to become 'sick' of the series.

I agree with your analysis of Harry Potter. One of the joys of reading that series was knowing it was going to end. It made you savor each and every page because after book seven, the story was complete.

I too was a big Sopranos fan as well as a big Deadwood fan. I won't be spending any money to see the new X Files movie, the first one disappointed me too much.

I do enjoy Lost and the time hopping story lines.

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