Thursday, July 10, 2008

stick a fork in it

I'm done with all of the Stephanie Plum number books. Finished number 14 a couple of days ago, and because I've read the entire series in a two week span, I can say the last one wasn't her best. It was okay. No belly laughs, an okay mystery and no visit to Stiva's.

Yesterday I started another Lee Child book. It is one of the older Reacher stories and as usual it grabs you by the throat on page one.

I've morphed into a chauffeur over the last few days with no end in sight for my new vocation. Dwight, you are correct, the gas gauge on the mini van is heading towards empty at an alarming rate.

No writing or editing as I've become consumed with high school soccer and all the laundry it generates.

That is it, I'm done.

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