Monday, July 28, 2008

the big trip

My lack of a blog entry since last week isn't because I haven't been online. On the contrary, I've been living online at a variety of travel sites. Yep, after saving for over 2 years we are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. The whole fam damily is headed across the pond to Germany for the holidays. My brother and his family are stationed there and we vowed to make the trip before they returned to the states. It is now or never. Their current tour will end a year from now, so we are just sneaking in under the wire with this trip.

I booked our flights today. Of course, traveling at Christmas isn't the cheapest time to fly, but I think after doing hours and hours worth of price checking, flight checking etc, we came up with a viable plan.

Besides Germany we will also be seeing a bit of Belgium and Paris, France. We had planned a visit to Prague as well, but decided to cancel that jaunt due to the budget we'd set. I've already been checking museum times, Notre Dame's mass schedule etc. I'm relying heavily on my sister in law for guidance in the nuts and bolts of the trip. They've been in Europe for 5 years now and she is a pro at navigating the whole tourist thing.

So, the big trip is now officially underway. Passports in hand, credit card bill on the way, and a few months to figure out how to pack for 5 and still meet the airline baggage requirements!


Dwight Wannabe said...

Holy crap. That is nine kinds of awesome.

Congratz, Liz. We expect you to post a lot of pictures next January when you get home.

Liz said...

Absofreakinglutely. We are all very excited to be doing this at this time in our lives. The kids are the right ages to have real memories of the trip and hubby and I are young enough to keep up with them!

As details become firmer, I will post those. I've already started my Paris research. How to see Paris with a family of five in three days...hmmm, maybe a travel book idea:)

Kim Smith said...

Man, I am so jealous!! and you have been B and N'ing without me??? waaaaaahhhhhhh

Liz said...

Kim, trips to B&N aren't as much fun without you...the kids don't enjoy cover analyzing like you do!

What you got on the schedule for the weekend?

Kim Smith said...

I am freeeeee starting tomorrow through monday. Frid is our anniversary and we will be out of town Fri and Sat, but nothing going on Sunday... what ya wanna do?