Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mid week political update

Tis the season for all things political. Yep, even on the local front the yard signs are plentiful, the hot air more so. My town is no exception and the race for mayor should prove interesting. We sort of have four candidates running at this point. Our current mayor is possibly going to run for a 3rd term, but may decide not to. That explains the sort of four candidates issue. The hubby and I have decided to back one individual and attended a catfish fry last night for this person.

Met some very nice people and heard some very interesting stories. We both knew quite a few folks already, but ever pushing our comfort zone boundaries, we ate dinner with people we didn't know.

Other than it was hotter than hell outside, we had good time and left with our checkbook a bit lighter. I'd have liked to have stayed a bit longer, but we had to scoot over to the soccer complex and pick the middle kid up from camp.

On a different front, I talked with my 87 year old grandmother yesterday and she told me that she is voting for Obama. Go granny, go. She said McCain is too old and if anyone would know, she would. I roared!

I need to go and do the whole early voting thing for our congressional race and some county level offices. I may have to declare a different party than I usually do so I can vote against our current congresswoman. Can't stand her....and she needs to be booted.

Politics aside, I've almost finished Laurell Hamilton's latest Anita Blake book, "Blood Noir." I will let my thoughts be known on this effort tomorrow.

Try and stay cool....

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