Monday, September 17, 2007

muddled monday

My time to post is usually way earlier than now, but my mind was so muddled this morning, I knew better than to even try. We spent the weekend out of town at a soccer tournament. Unfortunately, the team didn't fare well. The kids had solid games, but no one seemed to be able to find the goal. Except for the opposition. Oldest kid's knees look like she's been in a battle royal. In a way she was. I lost count of the number of stops she made. The few that got past her, well, they also got past 11 other girls first.

I've been reading quite a bit. Finished the first Dante Valentine book by Lilith Saintcrow. Makes me never want to attempt urban fantasy again. Boy, can she write. I ran out today and picked up books 2 and 3. She posts to a group blog and am always inspired by her posts on the craft of writing. She knows her stuff. Check it out.

I have two training sessions this week. One tomorrow and the grand finale on Thursday afternoon. I feel like breaking out in the Alleluia chorus. I'm glad to be almost done. The store's grand opening is set for October 15 at 6:00. The Chamber of Commerce will even be on hand for the ribbon cutting. Wowsa. We've hit the big time.

Hope your words are flowing and the WIPs are growing. Mine sure as hell aren't, but that is okay. For now.

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