Wednesday, September 26, 2007

full plate

Never did get around to blogging yesterday and it wasn't because I never found time to be online. Now that we are in the final approach to the bookstore opening day, I'm scrambling to address a range of issues. Nothing major and nothing that can't be resolved, just lots of small fires.

I did manage to read Diana Gabaldon's latest Lord John Grey book. Overall impression, the book had it's moments, but I so loved her Outlander series it is hard to let that go. The high point for me in this new novel was the inclusion of Jamie Fraser in the storyline.

In addition to the bookstore stuff, the Friends are also having their fall book sale this weekend. To top that off, the kids now have a soccer tournament to play...with two 8:00 kickoffs. Nothing like being on a soccer field at 7:15 in the morning!! Thank God for good coffee.

Needless to say, I may not post for the rest of the week.....too much on my plate right now and while it is all keeping me very busy, it isn't the stuff of interesting reading.


Travis Erwin said...

This seems to be a very busy time for everyone.

Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

My blog traffic is way down.

Noticed that 90% of the blogs on my RSS feed are posting less than once per week.

I've been wondering where everbody is these days.

Is blogging dead?

Liz said...

Don't think bloggin is dead, but I do think that this time of year seems to be hectic. Not sure if it is the last big push before winter/holiday time arrives or what.

I'm meeting myself coming and going.

kaycee said...

I have to agree with the busyness. I have finally finished editing those pics from the wedding! yay! and I am ready to write. Funny how doing something else creative recharges the old writing battery!