Thursday, September 20, 2007


One of the agent blogs I read just asked the simple question: what are you currently reading? The responses were as varied as the number of cereal choices at the local grocery store. I go through reading spurts. Right now I'm totally in love with the Dante Valentine series. So much so that when I finished the third book and had to fall back on the bedside table stack for something to read late last night, I was totally bummed. I want more Dante.

Which brings me to my title for today's blog. Choices. We all make them, from the minute to the huge. From what book to read, to what to wear, to what to eat for breakfast. Writers have choices to make every time they open up the current WIP. Or whether or not they open the current WIP.

I haven't opened either the Maddy file or the Lani file in a while. I've lost steam. It is extremely difficult to stay motivated when I feel like I'm leveling a mountain one teaspoonful at a time. My crit bud is in the same spot.

I have the bookstore to fill my spare time. She has a budding photography business to fill hers. Most writers have other hobbies, jobs, things to take up those hours we could spend writing. So, it comes back to choice. I'm reaching the point where I need to choose to either get serious about this writing stuff or let it go. The proverbial fork in the road.

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