Tuesday, September 4, 2007

full speed ahead

I spent lots of couch time reading this weekend. I read two books and started a third. However, I wasn't totally antisocial. We did venture next door to the neighbors for our fourth annual Labor Day food fest. I don't even want to contemplate how much we ate. Lots of food and it was really good too.

Today I have to write the entire How To section of the bookstore manual. I put off doing it on Sunday and Monday, so now I'm in a bit of a pickle. Usually I don't procrastinate, but for some reason, this part of the manual has all the appeal of a dirty diaper.

I'm going to force myself to get the darn thing finished before noon. My motivation is the book I started last night. I love Jack Whyte of Camulod Chronicle fame. His latest tome, and believe me, I don't think I've seen a larger paperback, is about the Templar Knights. He does historical speculative fiction so well. If you haven't read his Camulod series and the neat take he developed on the Arthurian legends, put those books on your to read list.

Off to finish the Tuesday chores and clear the deck for the real labor. Full speed ahead.


A Paperback Writer said...

Ah, yes. Reality hits hard after a holiday.
I still have one more day, as school reconvenes tomorrow.

Liz said...

Here's hoping you have a wonderful school year! Hard to believe, my kids will get their mid quarter progress reports in ten days. Wow.