Friday, September 28, 2007

friday recap

Worked the presale set up yesterday and pulled enough books to fill 6 boxes. I need to pull more today as by the time I get there Saturday, some real gems may be gone. Which isn't bad, as the money still winds up in our accounts, but I do want the bookstore to have some quality items for that first week.

Today I'm at the sale from 10-3.
We have 4 soccer games this weekend.
We have a big church activity for the oldest kid on Sunday.

So between books, soccer and church the weekend is totally full. Next week I'll be in the store stocking and organizing every day from 10-2.

I haven't written in weeks now....although I am reading about it:) I found Stephen King's writing book yesterday and snatched it up. I've wanted to read it for a while now and at $2 it was a major deal. I may just keep it in the car for those moments in between soccer games.


kaycee said...

Be prepared to be inspired.... I love that book!!

Dwight said...


I expected to scoff at On Writing with every bit of anti-King snobbery I could muster.


It was fan-frickin-tastic. I agree with kaycee. Inspiring.

Liz said...

I'm enjoying it already and I'm still in the childhood section.