Saturday, September 8, 2007

Knights of the Black and White

I have to preface this brief review by stating I'm a big Jack Whyte fan. I loved his Camulod Chronicles and thought his take on Arthurian legend was nothing short of brilliant. When I spied his latest book, a ginormous paperback, I purchased it. Our library very seldom adds new paperbacks.
The book is inspired by the same book that gave Dan Brown so much grist for his DaVinci code book, but focuses instead on the Templars. Again, Whyte's take on the Templars and how and why they came into existence is intriguing. Several of the characters are well developed, but the action drags at times. Parts of the book are excellent, parts are mediocre. The good outweighs the bad.
I will read the rest of the series. I'm hoping that the slow parts, the info dumps, were to lay necessary groundwork for future novels. This isn't a short read, coming in at close to 900 pages, can you say epic?


A Paperback Writer said...

That looks pretty good. Maybe I'll see if the local library has one.

Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

900 pages!?!

HOLY SHbleeeeet!