Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer reading

I miss my summer reading routine and the sheer number of books I could plow through during June and July. Often when I get home from work, I'm too busy and experiencing too much eye fatigue to even want to open a book.

Last night, I had a literacy council meeting and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on that project. I agreed to steward the one program at the library and to provide the library with some promotional materials. Beyond that, once the poster is completed, I am pretty much finished. I may have some social media stuff to do, but that is about it.

Tonight we have Meet the Player night for the high school soccer team. It is really all about the checkbook. We need to pay fees for the season. Cha-ching. I hope we get to hear from the new coach and get a sense of who he is. The middle kid has been pretty quiet on that front. In many ways, I don't think it matters one bit to her as this is her final season. She is more concerned with having a great time with her friends and I can't say that I blame her.

But, back to my lack of reading. I did get through the latest Laurell K. Hamilton novel featuring Anita Blake. "Kiss the Dead" was okay. Anita is so much more interesting to me when she is working a case instead of working out her relationships with her many, many boyfriends.

I am trying to read the second Glen Duncan werewolf novel, "Talulla Rising."  He writes what is basically literary horror fiction. I find myself grimacing a lot as I read his books, but I keep reading them.

Off I go into Thursday. I have a big project at work to do...and it is on Blogger! Yeah! 

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