Wednesday, July 18, 2012

deja vu

Yesterday I took the  middle kid for her senior pictures. Although we got off to a slow start, our 4:30 appointment didn't get underway until 5:15, the session went well. We will be heading back over there tonight to look at the proofs and select the pictures for the yearbook.

The kids usually choose an outdoor/environmental photo for their main yearbook picture, but formal cap and gown photos are also taken and must be selected for the big composite picture the school keeps and for the top 20 scholars from the class.

Last year, for our personal collection, we selected the classic drape and pearls photo for the oldest. I will want the same pose of the middle kid. Timeless.

School will start in just a few weeks and within "days" graduation will be upon us yet again. It all happens much too quickly it seems.

But, we still have some summer left to enjoy. We do have a few days to not think about homework, soccer matches and those first weeks of college.

I'm going to push away those deja vu feelings and focus on what is going on right NOW.

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Kim Smith said...

It gives me pause to remember when you post about these milestones. I have great memories of these days as well. It goes by almost as fast as the times when they took those all important baby steps. Enjoy it!!