Thursday, July 26, 2012


I love the Olympics and it was so fun to see the updates from the women's soccer match yesterday. I couldn't watch it 'live' as I was at work, but did catch a replay of it after I got home.

The love that the Games are in London. I visited London years ago. I'm not going to calculate just how many years ago it was, it will just make me sad that I've never managed to get back over there. But, plans are underway to visit again for my 50th birthday. Or, at least, that is my goal.

So, happy Olympics to everyone! Lots of great stories, characters and plots to watch!

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Lisa Shafer said...

I'm afraid I lost all enthusiasm for the Olympics in 2002 when the games where in Salt Lake City.
We had to deal with YEARS of road construction first. Then the games brought crowds and traffic and security measures beyond belief. It made my life totally miserable for 3 weeks. You couldn't go anywhere or do anything because it was all tied up for the Olympics.
My pity goes out to those poor Londoners right now.