Thursday, July 19, 2012

right now

Right now the middle kid is getting ready for her soccer bonding trip. She is very excited to be spending a long weekend away with her best buddies. Those girls are so supportive and encouraging to each other - that doesn't always happen. But in this group, they all truly like and care for one another. It is a wonderful thing to see.

Right now hubby is getting ready to read the paper. He never finished yesterday's paper, although he tried to do so, twice.

Right now, I need to be getting ready for work, but the liquid energy in my coffee cup hasn't kicked in just yet.

Right now I am wondering how the Literacy Council meeting went last night. I didn't go. It was the first one I missed. I had too many other things to do and frankly, I needed the break.

Right now I sort of wish it was Saturday morning!

Enjoy Thursday...we only get one this week!


Lisa Shafer said...

I think your new-ish fulltime work schedule is stressing you out, my dear.

Liz said...

Between the job and all the other things on my plate right now, yes, I am more than a bit stressed out. But, as with most things, this too shall pass!

Kim Smith said...

Right now I wish I was back in Vermont in the cool 70 degrees! Hope your Friday is stellar!