Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a wide variety of randomness

My dining room holds a steadily growing collection of items for the oldest's dorm room. As she said the other day, "This is really happening." Yes, yes it is.

The picture of the Colorado shooter is on the front page of my newspaper this morning and is more than a bit freaky.  Why is no one explaining how the guy got into the theater in the first place? Was he let in by someone who opened that back theater door? Was it propped open earlier?

Hats off to Anne Rice. Her publisher has shaken the dust off her erotic trilogy and they are now for sale in Target. Take that 50 Shades!

Speaking of Target, why is it so fun to shop there?

Are people really going to boycott Chick-Fil-A due to their CEO's comments about gay rights, marriage equality etc? No more chicken biscuits? Hmmmm.

Penn State loses some football glory, some money, and a statue is moved. Big deal. Some young boys lost 'things' that can never be replaced.

I am now officially hooked on yet another TV program. I got suckered into watching Political Animals and now have an official 'girl-crush' on Sigourney Weaver yet again. Of course, Ripley was one of my all time favorite kick-ass heroines. Now she is playing a Hilary type character and is kicking ass in Washington. You go girl.

And that is all the randomness I can bring forth for now. Enjoy Tuesday.

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