Monday, July 9, 2012

school supplies

The Target sale flyer in Sunday's paper contained the first school supply sales I've seen so far this summer. Ugh.  The whole 'get ready for school' push is coming. Fast.

And to hammer the point home that summer is basically over, soccer tryouts are today. This year, unlike the previous two years, only one soccer girl is heading off to the field to show them her stuff.

We did the biannual closet, dresser, shoe rack purge yesterday. Both girls hacked through their things with a fair amount of ruthlessness and filled several bags with items that are too small, too worn out, or out of style.

Yes, my girls do wear things out, just one of the hazards of soccer. Some stains don't come out and after a while the tee shirts that have a good amount of grime and grunge need to be pitched. Never fear though, they have enough tee shirts to pretty much go a month without repeating. I swear tournament shirts multiply like rabbits when the dresser drawer is closed.

In other shopping news, we have a list of items to procure over the next month for the oldest and her upcoming adventures in dorm living.

Plus, the boy is going to need some serious back to school clothes shopping. He had grown more than a couple inches since school dismissed for the summer. None of his jeans fit. Thank goodness he can start school in shorts.

Yep. Welcome to July.


Lisa Shafer said...

On Saturday, I received my first Christmas catalog. :)

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