Tuesday, July 10, 2012

glitch in the matrix

Okay, so I thought we had the rest of the summer figured out in regards to timing, schedules, days off etc. Of course, sorority rush is now putting a big glitch in our matrix.

Due to overwhelming numbers of young women participating, they've moved the start of rush back one day. So it will now begin on Friday night instead of Saturday night. Which also means, according to their letter, that move in dates will be reconfigured.

My guess is she will move in on Friday morning now. Which means we need to be down that way Thursday night. I will need to take another day off work. Great.

It also means that the youngest will need to spend the night somewhere so he gets off to school on Friday as he should. The middle kid has a ton of soccer stuff that week, so she will be out of pocket and I don't want to add more to her plate.

Guess I need to look at my vacation day spread sheet yet again. I think I need to channel my inner Neo. Mr. Anderson is now a major SEC university.


Lisa Shafer said...

It never quite works out the way that would be smoothest for you.

Liz said...

You are so very right. Hope you are feeling better!