Thursday, March 29, 2012

braces and other rites of passage

Nope, I'm not the one wearing them. The boy got his on yesterday. Ouch. Having a child in braces can be a pain for everyone. He turned down his dad's offer of some pain reliever as they were leaving the orthodontist's office yesterday. By the time he arrived home that afternoon, he was all about getting some ibuprofen. We had chili for supper last night, so he was able to eat that along with yogurt, ice cream, applesauce and anything else he could basically swallow without chewing too much.  Poor kid. My assurance that the worst will be over in a just a few days is falling on deaf ears.  I finally had to resort to the comment that he hates: "Both of your sisters survived. You will too."

In other kid news.....looks like both girls are going to the prom with dates. Okay. Looks like prom dress shopping is in my future. Looks like I will need to channel a saint or two in order to survive that experience.

I signed off on the middle kid's course selection sheet for next year. Four AP classes! Good grief. I suggested maybe she might want to back off of one, but she was very sure that these were the classes she had to take. Well, okay. I signed, she smiled and told me it would be just fine.

The oldest kid is frantically working to finish up a batch of local scholarship applications. The essay topics are always so broad and borderline goofy, but she knocked three of them out yesterday and after edits was ready to roll.  I think she has one final letter of recommendation to pick up from a friend and she is set for that batch. The others are due later in April.

Me, what about me? news on the job front other than that I am one of three they are going to interview and I'm the only internal candidate. Not sure when my interview will be.....a little birdy told me what I do know, not the hiring manager.  Just trying to keep a more 'business' appearance and outlook in our very biz casual building. Just in case.

And that is my week in review. I finished "Child 44."  Well crafted and plotted murder mystery set in Stalin's USSR. Brutal and intense, not exactly what I typically read, but I will read the following books featuring Leo and Raisa.

Happy Weekend!


Kim Smith said...

I remember those days! Right now the kidlet is prepping for summer school. She is TEACHING!!!

Liz said...

Oh, that is great news! So happy for her!!