Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tell me a story

I've been doing a lot of 'research' at work. My boss and a colleague from another advocacy group decided to create a new game to use as an outreach tool. They are attending a BIG science event in DC at the end of April, so we have been working with a very firm deadline.

My task was to collect a variety of facts about a host of diseases. We have also been researching how those diseases are treated and how the drugs/therapies that treat those illnesses were developed.

Of course, me being me, after spending a good 24 hours working on this project, I'm convinced I have half of the diseases! Ha Ha.  It has been interesting work. Always a bonus when you learn neat information at your job.

The game, although designed to be a trivia game, tells a story.

Speaking of stories, I was able to purchase a .99 cent download yesterday of the very first Rachel Morgan book by Kim Harrison. I've never read the first novel in this series, because I started on book number two and never looked back. Pretty excited to grab this title at such a low price.

Low prices are not what is in store for the library as they try and bolster their ebook collection. The director forwarded an email to me from the head adult librarian. The Random House price hike has hit. Yep. The gal reported that a fiction book she wanted to add would now cost them $75 and a nonfiction title she had wanted to add was now $80.

Unreal. What does this mean for library budgets? Most budgets have already been slashed due to the economy. For a point of reference, most ebooks were costing the library $23 a title on average.

Telling stories is getting to be quite expensive!

This is my "Friday" as we leave very early tomorrow morning for points south. I'm very excited for this mini-vacation and look forward to getting away from it all for a few days.  Enjoy the rest of your week.

Mom and Dad: See you tomorrow! xoxo

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