Tuesday, March 6, 2012

library column

Now that I'm on the library board, I get regular emails from the director when she has 'news' to share. The latest update involved the resurrection of a library column in our local weekly newspaper.  Long ago, I wrote one for our daily paper; the column ran biweekly in special insert devoted to our town. After that newspaper discontinued the insert, I moved the column to the weekly local paper, and published there for a year.

Then I left the library's staff. I wrote a few more articles on behalf of the library, but eventually the Friends consumed every spare moment I had, and my writing efforts and time were devoted to their projects.

Yesterday the director send the board a note that the head adult reference librarian is going to write a column. Yippee! I was so pleased to see this concept get another chance. Our library has such wonderful programs and events for readers of all ages. It will be wonderful to have that information out in the community on a regular basis.


Lisa Shafer said...

Interesting. Our library system in SLC puts out its own quarterly paper. However, the weekly updates are probably better.

Liz said...

When I was on staff I wrote and published a quarterly newsletter that went along with the pieces the local newspapers printed for us. When I left the Library, they didn't have anyone willing/able to provide those articles to the local media outlets. I'm so glad, that after 6 years, they are back on track with this concept.

Lisa Shafer said...

Yes, it sounds like a good thing.