Thursday, March 8, 2012

more ebook news

I'm loving the quick info tidbits the library director sends to the library board! Yesterday I received another 'newsflash' email outlining how our Download and Go eLibrary will now feature over 20,000 books considered part of the public domain. Yes, these are older titles. Many of these books are classics. What a great resource to have available!

Plus, when one of these titles is downloaded, it does not count towards our two book limit.


I'm currently reading "The Hedgewitch Queen" by Lilith Saintcrow. I adore Saintcrow's books, and while this one is not urban fantasy, I'm thoroughly enjoying Vianne and her adventure. The next title will be "The Bandit King." These books were released in ebook format first, and I'm not even sure if they will ever be released in print.

It is my Friday...the week flew, Happy Weekend!

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