Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a chapter closes

My folks sold their 'first' retirement home yesterday. They had their closing, walked out with a check and will head back to Florida today.

This usually wouldn't be much of a deal for me, but my hubby helped them with the design of that house. We visited them there before we had the kids. And of course, we visited them there with first one, then two, then three kids in tow.

We met my brother and his family there for one Thanksgiving to 'surprise' my folks. We spent lots of time sitting outside on their wrap around deck looking out across the mountains.  From their kitchen windows I watched deer come down to the clearing in the early morning.

Such a neat house in such a beautiful location. The lady who bought it is over the moon with excitement and from what my mom said, made the whole process very easy on them.

So, the little house in the mountains has been handed off to someone else and a new chapter begins for my folks.

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