Monday, March 12, 2012


Last week was just plain weird. I can't think of anything else to call it. Lots of random stuff going on at work and at home. The weather was even odd.

This week will not be very normal as we head south for a little rest and relaxation. Plus, my niece is being confirmed and she asked me to be her sponsor. I was thrilled and happy to be involved in this next step for her. I bought her a lovely pair of pearl earrings to honor the occasion.

I need to send some feelers out at work after a conversation I had with my friend in the communications department. I learned Thursday that their recent publication audit revealed the need to rework the journals and newsletters our nonprofit publishes. A new position will be created. My name came up in the discussion she was having with the department head regarding possible internal candidates for the job.

Now, this would be a full time job. No more 8-2, Monday through Thursday. Am I ready for that? The money sure would be nice!

I have some things to figure out in regards to this possibility. Happy Monday and Happy Spring Break!


Lisa Shafer said...

We don't have spring break until Easter, weeks yet. And, quite frankly, an 8:00-2:00, M-R job sounds great to me!

Liz said...

My job is awesome. I love the hours and my boss is fantastic. This new opportunity would be a huge challenge, but with our oldest two children heading off to college sooner rather than later, the extra money would be wonderful.

Kim Smith said...

Good luck Liz! I know you would be a great asset!

Lisa Shafer said...

Yes, I suppose you'd need it. I'm just feeling burned out from working 10-hour days + weekends. Sigh.