Monday, March 19, 2012

it is the fourth quarter

Wow. The kids will start their fourth quarter today. Where did the school year go? I will celebrate my birthday on Wednesday. Again, where did the year go?  Or the last 40 plus years go? My 21st wedding anniversary is just a few weeks away. My one year anniversary at work is a month away. Geez.

We  had a great visit going down to see my folks and my brother and his clan. We enjoyed good food, good conversation, some retail therapy and some "a$$ in the sand" time. It was fun to see the 6 cousins play in the sand and surf. The boys are always thrilled to be together and the girls have fun just hanging out.

My niece's confirmation was really nice. As their bishop is extremely ill, permission was given for the parish priest to do the confirmation. That gave the event more of a 'family' vibe and it was way more relaxed than when my daughters were confirmed.

I'm expecting a very odd work week. My boss will be in town again from up north. I've thrown my hat in the ring, officially, for the full time gig in the Communications department. Soooooo, I don't know quite what to expect next, but I'm sure I will find out in short order.

Here's to Monday! Enjoy.

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Lisa Shafer said...

How nice that the service was local and more familiar. We're on the last week of term 3 -- GRADES!! ugh.