Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thank God it's Thursday!  Yes, my last day of the work week. Although I have to say, the week flew by as I was busy with yet another bulk mailing. I've been told this is the last one I have to do for a while. I truly haven't minded them, it is nice, brainless, work and it makes the hours disappear.

Up for the weekend, a trip west to a major university for a visit. I packed last night and have left instructions for everyone else to do the same. Hope to depart shortly after I arrive home this afternoon.

I think I'm more excited to see this campus than either of the girls, but hey, I know how much fun college can be and they've yet to learn that lesson!

So, catch you on Monday....with plenty of tales to tell of the Soooooie Pig.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

library stuff

“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.”—Neil Gaiman

And our library is about to become even more user friendly as a new cataloging system is going to be installed in just a few short days. I haven't looked up any details on "Polaris", but from what I've heard, it sounds so much better than the system we currently have.

In other library news, my executive board will be going out to dinner next week to say farewell to one of our own. The current store manager is moving out of state in the next two weeks. She is a very funny lady and a great conversationalist. She will be missed. But, the good news is that if the oldest decides to attend the university we are visiting this week, this Friend will be close by and can keep 'tabs' on her or at least be on call in case of an emergency.  They actually have a pretty funny relationship as this Friend is the one who named my oldest The Blonde Star after the Blonde-OnStar joke.

Okay, off to work I go!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

campus maps

The oldest and I spent some time working on assorted college application things last night. Her English teacher this past year had them create an academic resume for an assignment. Love that woman! It gives the oldest a starting point as she begins to complete online applications. We went through the resume and updated it with her latest 'accomplishments.'

As we were talking about universities and the application process, I asked whether she had a 'dream' school. She doesn't and I guess my hubby asked her the same question on Sunday night.  So, I asked her if money didn't matter, where would she be interested in going, just, well, just because it might be cool.  She said IU.

Now, my heart began to beat a bit faster and while she moved on to working on some of her summer work, I perused the IU website and had some major flashbacks of my time there. Looking at the campus map, I recalled several things that were long buried in my memory.

I told her it never hurts to apply and see what they will do. If she sticks with thoughts of doing ROTC, depending on the type of scholarship they would award her, IU could be a possibility. Hmmmm.

Things to think about for her and for us.

Monday, July 25, 2011

monday, ugh

I'm not ready for today to be Monday. It is gloomy outside and we should be getting some serious rain today. I'd rather be staying home instead of going to work. I'd rather be reading instead of writing a SOP on pledge donations. I'd rather be helping my kids clean the house.....well, maybe not that!

I had a lovely weekend and read two books from by TBR pile. We shopped, dined, relaxed and the three days flew by as they often do.

Well, Monday is here. The paper has been retrieved by Duke. The coffee is made.

Best get on with it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

so many books to read, so little time

I'm not making much of a dent in my TBR pile. I have two Arthurian mysteries starring the one-armed Malgwyn. I have one Enola Holmes YA mystery. I have two Faythe Sanders urban fantasies. And I have another YA title, this one by Holly Black.  The pile is a bit tall and it is lingering about much too long. I need to get some serious reading done this weekend, or some of these will have to be returned to the library for another day. Ugh.

In the meantime, I saw the new mega long fantasy from Patrick Rothfuss has hit the shelves. I still haven't read the final book from Jean Auel. I'm falling behind.......but, that is to be expected now that I'm at work 24 hours a week.  Hours I used to spend doing other things, like reading.

I made the mistake of going into B&N yesterday, that is how I realized how far behind I am in my reading, to kill some time while the middle kid worked out with her new club coach.

Yes, always soccer drama going on in our club. Another Brit at the helm of her team....this time a college coach is taking the reins as his former club team, a group of girls who are going to be seniors in high school this year, declared he couldn't take them any further than he had in their soccer development. Hmmmmm. Sounds like maybe some girls and or parents didn't get the DI looks/scholarships they'd convinced themselves they deserved.

Anyway, we loved our old coach and the girls love this new coach. So, in the end, bully for us! I think it will all work out well and to our advantage to have the new Englishman on the sidelines.

And that is all for this week.....Liz, over and out!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the closing shot

The final shot of the latest Harry Potter movie was etched in my brain a few years back when I read the book. A grown up Harry along with Ron and Hermione wave goodbye to their children as those youngsters begin their trip to Hogwarts. The movie matched what I had envisioned for that particular scene, down to what I thought the kids should look like.  Brilliant.

It is hard to let go of something that has been a part of your family for ten years. I have so many memories of my children flavored by this world JK Rowling created. So many wonderful, good, incredible memories.

And the neat thing is, we will continue to make memories that include Harry, Ron and Hermione.

So, perhaps, we don't have to let go. We just move forward and take them all with us. Like Dumbledore told Harry in this movie, you just move on.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I woke with a nasty headache this morning and while I've got coffee in hand and a pain killer nearby, the thought of trying to come up with a topic to blog about this morning seems difficult.

So, instead, ponder this:

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we 
are.”—Mason Cooley

Monday, July 18, 2011

agony of defeat

Oh my. That was a rough one. As the game wore on and PK's became inevitable, the pit in my stomach began to churn. Destiny wasn't on our side as the girls took the pitch this time. It was on their side and thinking about the entire game, perhaps it was on their side from the very beginning.

But, what a World Cup final. One for the ages. One to learn from for all those little girls around the world. What an opportunity to watch two excellent teams duke it out over 90 minutes, then 2 minutes, then 30 minutes. The teams gave all they had and then found a little bit more to give.

Congrats to Japan. Their nation has suffered in ways we can't even begin to imagine. I hope this win, on a sports field in Germany, helps lift some spirits and shines a ray of hope on them.

And for the USA players, who battled back time and again. Hold those heads high and know that while the final score didn't favor us, you have inspired a nation with your grit and determination. London and the Olympics will be here soon and another shot at the glory of winning it all.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

anita blake and edward are at it again

Just picked up Laurell K. Hamilton's latest Anita Blake novel, "Hit List." Best part of this book thus far is the fact that Edward is in it. I've always been so very intrigued by this character and his relationship with Anita.  I've stuck with Hamilton even though many reviewers and readers have become disenchanted with the plot choices/devices she's used in her stories. I'm anxious to see how this addition to the Anita storyline unfolds.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

mom, i need a new hogwarts cape

The middle daughter is quite devoted to all things HP, so going to the midnight showing of the new and last movie is a must. Also a must is going to the movie dressed up as a character.

In second grade she went to school dressed as Hermione for Halloween.  Catholic schools do Halloween justice and that year the amount of Harry's and Hermione's was astounding. In some ways, what is even more astounding  is this year those same kids are juniors in high school and are still as enthralled with that world as they were when they were 'babies.'

Needless to say, her second grade, home-made cape was a bit too short. We spent Saturday morning buying fabric and constructing  a new one for her to wear Thursday night-Friday morning. She has her total ensemble ready, including a genuine wand from Harry Potter world in Florida.

An end of an era in many ways is about to begin. The final movie rolls out in just a few days. Hard to believe that the story will be finished. I understand the need for it to end and be wrapped up. Sometimes there isn't more to tell.

But, if Rowling decided to write more about this amazing world she created, I think I would be in line to get the new installment along with a whole lot of other people!

Monday, July 11, 2011

the sheer joy of it

We watched an incredible soccer match yesterday between the US National Women's team and the Brazilian team. Wow. It was one for ages.

Today starts the high school soccer season. It doesn't seem possible that the oldest is going to be a senior. Wasn't it just yesterday I drove a very nervous, rising Freshman to that field to try out? This season I will have two upperclassman on the team. Unreal.

High school season is always a bit tense. Lots of politics, lots of girl-drama, but there are moments when the game is played for the sheer joy of it.  I've seen moments like those televised yesterday. Sheer joy at scoring a goal. I've seen the older one stop a penalty kick to win the game against the big crosstown rival and the unbridled excitement of a team clearing a bench.

The sheer joy of soccer. Those moments are winding down for us. For some reason it is hitting me hard this morning, the very few number of soccer seasons we have left to watch our girls take the pitch, cleats on, pretty-wrap in their hair and a determined look in their eyes.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I woke this morning with a lovely headache. Ick. So, this will be short and sweet. The meeting yesterday went fine and afterwards I received a phone call from the store manager that two folks have stepped forward to manage the store for the next term. Yeah! This was AFTER my comments and BEFORE the email even went out. Funny how that all worked out for us.

We donated a good chunk of money to the Library, learned about some new things going on and I was back at work by 2:00.  Yeah!

Quiet evening at home, watched some TV, read a book and went to bed early.  Today should be a quick one at work as I will have a lot to do. Then I have lunch plans set for tomorrow with a friend from Friends. Looking forward to that. Later I will head to a meeting about a new museum planned for our historic Town Square. That will be interesting as well.

So, happy weekend approaching. Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

in which I might need to be held back

Oh my. Over the weekend I received an email soliciting a comment and possible input on the bookstore manager's job description by the current assistant store manager. The managers are finishing their two year term and new folks are needed to take over this job. I provided a couple of sentences I thought needed to be in the document and returned it to the author. One highlighted the income the store generates and the other pointed out that the income is a direct result of the dedication and commitment of the store volunteers. I also told her she needed to include that training will be provided.

A revised one was returned with one of my suggestions, the training offered to the new folks, was incorporated. Fine. Then the store manager emailed the author agreeing that my suggestions, both of them, should be used.

Then a second email was received asking for input, again. I emailed back to just go ahead and please use what I had already sent.

So, at this point I've been asked twice for my input by the assistant store manager. The actual manager has agreed with me and liked my suggestions.

Then I get an email saying, "No, I don't want to use it. It doesn't sound like me. But, is there anything else you want to include, but if not, I will send it out as is."

What? Huh? Am I missing something here?

You've asked me TWICE for my input and then tell me NO? Of course it doesn't sound like you....because it sounds like ME. The one you asked for input from....remember?

Oh. My. Lord.

Yep, I was ready to launch like a missile yesterday afternoon. Guess it is still bothering me a bit this morning.

I've already decided that I will wield the power of the gavel and insert my comments into my spoken remarks during the meeting today. And I may just send out my own the President I can do that.

Okay, off soapbox. Rant over. Venting finished.

On to Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

college visits, vampire slayers and more

The girls and hubby headed east on Thursday afternoon towards the University. They had a tour scheduled for 8:30 on Friday morning. Everything went off as planned and they had a lovely visit to campus. That bastion of high education stays on the short list. Up next is a trip west, out of state, to another SEC school where Red and not Orange is the color of choice. I'm expecting a bit of a different vibe at the next visit as that school is situated in a more defined campus setting instead of a downtown setting.  We will also be heading southeast to visit another Red themed university as we discovered all out of state tuition is waived with the ACT score the oldest has achieved. Options. Choices. Decisions.

I think our heads are all spinning a bit, but that is a good thing. Good problems to have.

I did quite a bit of reading over my 4 day weekend. I finished the Faythe Sanders book. Good urban fantasy, nothing fabulous, but a solid story. Then I moved on to a new author for me, Lucy Weston. Lucy is allegedly the Lucy of Dracula/Bram Stoker fame. Apparently vampires are now writing novels.....hehehe.  So, Lucy has been on the run from the other vampires in England and stumbled across some journals. Said journals were kept at Windsor and only 'unearthed' several years back when the castle was on fire. Lucy got her hands on them and learned Elizabeth I not only wrote them, but revealed she is a hereditary vampire slayer.

Yup.  What a fun premise!  Throw in a thousand year old king of the vampires named Mordred, the ghost of Anne Boleyn, a mentoring spirit named Morgaine, along with the familiar faces of Tudor England and you have quite the rollicking story.

Pure fluffy, mindless, reading pleasure. Take some Arthurian legend, some Tudor bits and bobs and of course vampires, mix it all together and put it in a book. Very fun indeed.

Now I'm reading the first novel in a mystery series set in Arthurian England. This is not the England of shiny, gleaming Camelot, but more of a gritty, 'realistic' vision of who Arthur could have been and what life during that time would have been like. Our sleuth was one of Arthur's warriors, until he lost an arm. Now Malgwyn is a scribe of sorts, when he isn't solving mysteries for Arthur, who in this first book, is merely a war chief. So far I'm enjoying this story, a lot.  I like the characterizations of these very familiar legends.

Okay, off to begin a shortened, but busy work week.