Thursday, July 7, 2011


I woke this morning with a lovely headache. Ick. So, this will be short and sweet. The meeting yesterday went fine and afterwards I received a phone call from the store manager that two folks have stepped forward to manage the store for the next term. Yeah! This was AFTER my comments and BEFORE the email even went out. Funny how that all worked out for us.

We donated a good chunk of money to the Library, learned about some new things going on and I was back at work by 2:00.  Yeah!

Quiet evening at home, watched some TV, read a book and went to bed early.  Today should be a quick one at work as I will have a lot to do. Then I have lunch plans set for tomorrow with a friend from Friends. Looking forward to that. Later I will head to a meeting about a new museum planned for our historic Town Square. That will be interesting as well.

So, happy weekend approaching. Enjoy your Thursday!

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