Monday, July 18, 2011

agony of defeat

Oh my. That was a rough one. As the game wore on and PK's became inevitable, the pit in my stomach began to churn. Destiny wasn't on our side as the girls took the pitch this time. It was on their side and thinking about the entire game, perhaps it was on their side from the very beginning.

But, what a World Cup final. One for the ages. One to learn from for all those little girls around the world. What an opportunity to watch two excellent teams duke it out over 90 minutes, then 2 minutes, then 30 minutes. The teams gave all they had and then found a little bit more to give.

Congrats to Japan. Their nation has suffered in ways we can't even begin to imagine. I hope this win, on a sports field in Germany, helps lift some spirits and shines a ray of hope on them.

And for the USA players, who battled back time and again. Hold those heads high and know that while the final score didn't favor us, you have inspired a nation with your grit and determination. London and the Olympics will be here soon and another shot at the glory of winning it all.


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