Monday, July 11, 2011

the sheer joy of it

We watched an incredible soccer match yesterday between the US National Women's team and the Brazilian team. Wow. It was one for ages.

Today starts the high school soccer season. It doesn't seem possible that the oldest is going to be a senior. Wasn't it just yesterday I drove a very nervous, rising Freshman to that field to try out? This season I will have two upperclassman on the team. Unreal.

High school season is always a bit tense. Lots of politics, lots of girl-drama, but there are moments when the game is played for the sheer joy of it.  I've seen moments like those televised yesterday. Sheer joy at scoring a goal. I've seen the older one stop a penalty kick to win the game against the big crosstown rival and the unbridled excitement of a team clearing a bench.

The sheer joy of soccer. Those moments are winding down for us. For some reason it is hitting me hard this morning, the very few number of soccer seasons we have left to watch our girls take the pitch, cleats on, pretty-wrap in their hair and a determined look in their eyes.

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