Tuesday, July 12, 2011

mom, i need a new hogwarts cape

The middle daughter is quite devoted to all things HP, so going to the midnight showing of the new and last movie is a must. Also a must is going to the movie dressed up as a character.

In second grade she went to school dressed as Hermione for Halloween.  Catholic schools do Halloween justice and that year the amount of Harry's and Hermione's was astounding. In some ways, what is even more astounding  is this year those same kids are juniors in high school and are still as enthralled with that world as they were when they were 'babies.'

Needless to say, her second grade, home-made cape was a bit too short. We spent Saturday morning buying fabric and constructing  a new one for her to wear Thursday night-Friday morning. She has her total ensemble ready, including a genuine wand from Harry Potter world in Florida.

An end of an era in many ways is about to begin. The final movie rolls out in just a few days. Hard to believe that the story will be finished. I understand the need for it to end and be wrapped up. Sometimes there isn't more to tell.

But, if Rowling decided to write more about this amazing world she created, I think I would be in line to get the new installment along with a whole lot of other people!


The English Teacher said...

But certainly you're aware of pottermore.com, right? Even if it isn't a new story, it promises to add to the old ones. I'm much more interested in that than in the movie.
All the best to your daughter, though. I hope she has a great time!

Liz said...

Yes, we have visited the site and are very excited about it. The movies are so interesting to me as I'm always intrigued by the choices made when bringing a book to the big screen. I'd say, overall, these movies have done a nice job of it.

The English Teacher said...

I haven't seen that newest movie yet; I was too busy watching live Shakespeare plays.