Tuesday, November 30, 2010

torment and other stuff

I read Lauren Kate's second book in her Fallen series yesterday. "Torment" was a quick read, and I skimmed some of the parts of the book. Luce has been whisked away by angel-boy, Daniel to a special school on the California coast. She will be safer there than at Sword and Cross, the school she attended in the first book.  Several of the angel and demon characters from Fallen make a reappearance in this story, but the far more interesting characters are the new ones. Luce makes new friends, questions her undying/reincarnated love affair with Daniel and begins to question if her future is as cast in stone as the angels would make her believe.

In other news.....the tree is lit and trimmed. The front door and holly bushes are lit and decorated. The fireplace has stocking hung on it and my every growing collection of Christmas books arranged in a huge laundry basket in front of it.  We are in countdown mode.

Hard to believe that 2 years ago we were counting down to our Europe trip. What an amazing vacation and experience that was. I think about it often, especially this time of year.

Happy Tuesday...lots to do today..but first, time to rally the troops.

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