Monday, November 15, 2010

not enough time

The weekends are never long enough. Mondays seems to also share that problem. I always have more to do on a Monday than time will allow. Unless I perfect cloning. Unless I have one of those cool time rewind gadgets Hermione Granger uses in Harry Potter to take a double class load during her fourth year.

Today is no exception. Ugh.

But, I'm going to make my list and hope to get the vast majority of it done before 2:30. The oldest has a 'friend' coming over for math tutoring....need to be around for that one.

Didn't finish reading my current book selection, but I hope to be able to get back to it, at least for a few pages today. I'm enjoying the beginning of Anne Fortier's novel "Juliet". Yep, and it is about THAT Juliet along with a modern day version.

Off to make my list. Happy Monday.

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Kim Smith said...

Sheesh, I feel ya, I really do!