Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Link Soup

I am facebook 'friends' with Anne Rice and she posted a link to this article about libraries. Now, granted, they focus on major metropolitan libraries on the coast, but I can see these changes trickling down, so to speak. I've actually had conversations with library staff about these concepts and how they might be implemented. Change.  Is it good? Is it a no call?


It is raining, raining, raining here today. Makes it hard to clear the cobwebs and sleep out of my head. But, I need to wake up and get ready to move. I have a meeting this morning with the volunteer who manages our website. She spent countless hours building it and has spent even more time taking care of it.  She is ready to start stepping away, so we are in the process of streamlining the site down to two manageable, bare bones pages. The problem is the majority of our volunteers are not interested in learning how to update the site and care for it. They like the idea of having it, but it takes work and that isn't so appealing.

I am also beginning a job search. Yep. I think it is time I became gainfully employed again and bring in a paycheck. Not sure what direction I will take, but 'work' is on the horizon.

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