Thursday, November 18, 2010

good news on all fronts

Yesterday was one of those banner type of days. The weather was perfect for hubby's office open house. They had a good turnout of folks who came over to wish them well and see the new place. I was able to network with some folks about my eventual return to the workforce. Hubby got a lead on a possible speaking engagement in the Spring.  The oldest called with the awesome news that she was accepted into the National Honor Society!!  Middle kid was recommended by the toughest English teacher in the high school as a possible tutor for a freshman girl who is struggling with sentence diagramming. Plus, tonight she will be inducted into the Beta Club! The youngest had a good chess match at his club. 

Good news on all fronts.

Off today to sort and stock at the bookstore and then we are having a farewell lunch for one of the ladies who is moving back home to Kentucky.
Happy Thursday!!

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